Conference on Medical Activities and Advancements (COMA 2K18)



The first Conference on Medical Activities and Advancements, COMA,2K18 which was held from 17th to 18th august, witnessed over 200 undergraduate students from different regions across the country.  It was organised and hosted by the undergraduate students of Navodaya Medical College as a part of the silver jubilee celebrations.

This conference included informative and thought provoking keynote lectures presented by renowned figures in India including group capt.  Dr Parli ravi, DR. Balu P.S. and DR. Prahlad Kumar. These series of lectures covered a broad range of topics such as role of digital technologies in preventing TB, drug resistance and critical care and management. In addition to the keynote orations, it also comprised of Panel discussion and symposium where pioneered guest speakers put their heads together to discuss major revolting and medicolegal topics of interest such as Euthanasia and Abortion. This facilitated healthy discussions regarding what the strategies and solutions are, and also on how we can contribute as future health professionals.

A variety of workshops such as basic airway management, Basic surgical skills, Trauma management and basics of   ECG were also conducted, out of which, the former three are accredited courses by INDIAN INSTITUTE OF EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES,  which is recognized all over the world. I hope all our delegates have received nothing but the best from these workshops.

 There were 4 competitions at this year’s conference, including paper, poster, essay and photography competition. A huge number of submissions were received from which our judges have selected the best.

Working for the past six months on building up this gathering from nothing to the best of our abilities, this conference has been an experience for us. It has been a valuable learning platform, and a great opportunity to interact, and exchange different opinions and ideas. We hope our efforts have reached out to give you all a bouquet of memories and moments to cherish.