World No Tobacco day

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World No Tobacco day

Department of Public health dentistry organized health campaign and oral screening on the eve of “World No tobacco day” at Railway station, Raichur.

The campaign was organized on 31st may 2017 and the target group were the general public and the employees of railway station. Dr. Suresh Babu, Dr. Zaheer Ahmed and Dr. Somanath Reddy along with 18 interns who were posted in the department were attended the programme. The programme started at 9.00 am in the morning.

The interns were divided into two groups. One group was sent to health unit of railway hospital and the other group was in the railway station platform. The programme started with a live skit performed by the medical students of Navodaya Medical College. The skit was representing the ill effects and consequences of tobacco. Health education regarding the effects of tobacco usage was demonstrated with help of charts and pamphlets printed in Kannada, Telugu, and Urdu were distributed to the public by the interns of Navodaya Dental College.

The oral screening was done to find out the precancerous and cancerous lesion and conditions. Around 93 patients were screened and 70 were referred to the college for further investigations and treatment. The programme ended at 1.00pm.

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